Singe-day tours group

An undivided experience for a shared price

You already have experience in ski touring, but you are alone and would like to share the price for a mountain guide with other like-minded people?
No problem - if there is a demand, we will be happy to organize a guided ski tour in the form of a group tour for you and other interested parties.
Simply register with your desired data - we will try to find other interested parties!
If no tour takes place, you will of course not incur any costs.
We would be happy to advise you personally and individually.
from 4 participants
Price: from € 126 / person
Experience on ski tours is necessary
Mastery of the kick-turn technique is a prerequisite
safe skiing in all types of snow
Condition for 1200hm and 4h ascent
Meeting time at 8:55 am in the Kuraten office.
Equipment can be borrowed from sports shops for a fee (touring skis, boots and skins).
Safety equipment such as avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel is included in the price.
Options for ski tours:
easy:   Schönwieskopf, Königsjoch, Rotmoosjoch, Hochebenkar, Ferwalljoch
Medium difficulty:   Eiskögele, Vorderer Seelenkogel, Essener Spitze, Manigenbachkogel, Hangerer, Königskogel
difficult: Granatenkogel, Liebenerspitze, Hochfirst, Zirmkogel, Nederkogel, Hinterer Seelenkogel