Via Ferrata Reinhard Schiestl - Burgsteiner Wand


1 day



1-4 Persons

The tour starts with a steep entrance wall and a small overhang (difficulty C/D). The rest of the path is mostly level B/C with difficult wall structure. During the tour there will also be a traverse (level B) and a steep step (level D) after which we get to theexit point.

There are 3 resting spots during the tour where we can have little breaks.

Altitude: 200m

Length of the via ferrata: 300m

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Including the descent: 2,5-3 hours


  • Booking date Tu, 15. june 2021 - Sun, 30. sep. 2029 € 103.-

Tour with a mountain guide

Helmet, climbing harness and crampons can be rented for a fee. Everything else should already be organized the day before.