Via Ferrata Lehner Wasserfall


1 day



1-6 Persons

The tour starts with a vertical access wall (level C). We continue over short steep steps (level B) to the lookout. After the ascending crossing (level B/C) we get to a steep part with overhang (level D). It is possible to circumvent the overhang. After the ledge (level B) we reach the descent wall (level B).

Long way: Just before the part with overhang we can take the way with the longer distance. Here we cross under the waterfall (level A/B) over to the most difficult part of this via ferrata (level E). After 20m of level E we come back to level A/B until the rope bridge. After the bridge we’ve finished the tour and get to the exit.

Altitude of : 220m

Length of the via ferrata: 430m

Duration: with overhang: 1,5-2h
              long distance: 2,5-3h

Including the descent: 3-3,5h


  • Booking date Tu, 15. june 2021 - Sun, 30. sep. 2029 € 70.-

Tour with a mountain guide

Helmet, climbing harness and crampons can be rented for a fee. Everything else should already be organized the day before.