Ski-crossing "Big Ötztaler Haute Route"


6 days



1-4 Persons

The great Ötztal ski traverse - a unique, high-alpine ski adventure awaits us in the heart of the Alps, across the fantastic backdrop of the imposing Ötztal Alps. The tour stretches from Obergurgl over the Schalfkogel to the Similaun, the Weißkugel and the Fluchtkogel to the Wildspitze. The six-day tour starting in Obergurgl leads through the central Ötztal Alps with numerous attractive three-thousand-metre peaks and beautiful huts.
This variant appeals to the experienced, technically skilled tour hiker.


Day 1:
Arrival Obergurgl and ascent to the Langtalereck hut.
Ascent: 600 hm
Duration: 3h
Day 2:
Early start, short descent to the Gurgler Gorge, through it to the Gurgler Ferner and over the Kleinleitenferner and the Schalfkogeljoch to the ski depot. Short summit ridge to the highest point of Schalfkogel (3540 m).
Descent to the Schalfkogeljoch, short descent on foot to the Nördlicher Schalfferner and descent through the Schalftal to the Marzellbach. Counter ascent (200 hm) to the Martin Busch Hut.
Ascent: 1540hm (incl. counter ascent).
Descent: 1500hm
Duration: 8 - 10h
Day 3:
Very early start, ascent from Martin Busch Hut through Niedertal to Similaun Hut and Similaun (3600m). Descent via the Grafferner and Stockferner to Mitterkaser and Vorderkaser.
Taxi transport to Kurzras and with the gondola lift to the Grawand. Downhill run to Hochjoch and short ascent to Schützhütte Schöne Aussicht (2846 m).
Ascent: 1200 hm
Descent: 1900 hm
Duration: 8-10h
Tip: Instead of the descent from the Similaun to the Pfossental, you can also ski back down via the Niederjochferner and ascend to the Hauslabjoch (400 hm, 2h). Descent via Hochjochferner and return ascent to Schönen Aussicht (200 m, 2 h). This variant is demanding in terms of fitness!
Day 4:
Ascent to Hintere Eis (3270m) and short descent to Hintereisferner. Ascent over the Hintereisferner to the Hintereisjoch (3480m) and steeply over the south ridge to the ski depot. Continue over the south ridge to the Weißkugel (3739m). Descent over the Hintereisferner to the Hochjoch Hospiz (2413m).
Ascent: 1350 hm
Descent: 1800 hm
Time: 7 - 8h
Tip: If a later start is possible due to avalanche conditions, we can also reach Hintere Eis or Teufelsegg with lift support and save about 400hm of ascent.
Day 5:
Ascent over the Kesselwandferner to the Oberes Guslarjoch (3361m) and on to the Fluchtkogel (3500m).
Descent via the Guslarferner to the Vernagt Hut (2755m).
Ascent: 1100 hm
Descent: 800 hm
Time: 5 - 5.5h
Day 6:
Ascent via Vernagtferner to Brochkogeljoch (3423m) and via Taschachferner to Wildspitze (3770m). Descent to Mitterkarjoch (3470m) and steep down to Mitterkarferner. Through the Mitterkar to the Breslauer Hütte (2848 m), on to the Stablein ski area and on the piste to Vent.
Ascent: 1050 hm
Descent: 1900 hm
Time: 6 - 8h


  • Booking date Fri, 10. mar. 2023 - Sun, 13. may 2029 € 1,050.-

Daily on request bookable beginning of March until middle of May


  • 4 participants - €1050/person
  • 3 participants - €1300/person
  • 2 participants - €1800/person
  • 1 participant - €3300/person

Included services:

  • Organisation
  • Reservation of the huts
  • Supervision and guidance by state-certified mountain guide/ski guide

Additional costs:

  • Poss. parking fees
  • Poss. rental equipment (touring equipment,...)
  • Overnight stay at the hut
  • Half board of the mountain guide at the hut
  • Poss. crampons (5€/day)
  • ev. ice axe (5€/day)
  • Poss. climbing harness (5€/day)


Equipment list ski tour:

Technical equipment

  • Touring skis with touring bindings *
  • Ski poles (adjustable in length) *
  • Touring ski boots (with treaded sole) *
  • Adhesive skins *
  • Crampons *
  • Backpack (approx. 30-45 litres, with ski attachment)
  • Ski helmet
  • Crampons ***
  • Climbing harness with carabiner ***
  • Ice axe ***
  • Headlamp

Emergency equipment

  • Avalanche transceiver **
  • Avalanche shovel **
  • Avalanche probe **
  • Bivouac sack**
  • First aid kit (incl. emergency blanket, blister plaster!)


  • Thermos bottle (min. 1-1.5 litres)
  • Tour food (depending on preference - e.g. muesli/fruit bars, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate)


  • Functional underwear
  • Pullover/jacket (fleece, softshell, wool)
  • Softshell jacket
  • possibly light down jacket/gilet
  • Anorak (waterproof/windproof)
  • Ski touring trousers (softshell, Gore, ...)
  • Hat
  • Thinner gloves (... for the ascent)
  • warm gloves (... for the descent)
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun protection (cap, bandana, ...)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip protection

For overnight stays in huts:

  • Hut sleeping bag
  • Toiletries
  • Charging cable, power bank
  • earplugs
  • possibly hut shoes
  • AV ID card if available
  • Cash

* can be hired in sports shops for a fee
** can be rented free of charge at the Alpincenter
*** can be rented at the Alpincenter for a fee