Similaun 3.606m


2 days



2-5 Persons

Day 1: Ascent to the Similaunhütte
We start in Vent where we traverse through the Niedertal, passing the Martin-Busch-Hütte, before we get to the Similaunhütte.

Day 2: To the Similaun
From the Similaunhütte we first traverse over the Niederjochferner and then go further up to the summit with an altitude of 3.606m.

The descent is down the same trail as the ascent. An alternative trail would be down over the Marzellkamm, but this would take 2 hours longer.

from Vent to the Similaunhütte: approx. 5 hours
from the Similaunhütte to the Similaun: approx. 3 hours

Distance: in total approx. 14,8km

Altitude: in total approx. 1.680m


  • Booking date Wed, 1. july 2020 - Sun, 13. sep. 2020 € 235.-

Meeting with the guide at the hut in the evening before the tour
Ascent and descent with the guide

Rate in a group

1-2 participants: EUR 235,00 per person

3 participants: EUR 170,00 per person

4 participants: EUR 138,00 per person

The overnightstay at the hut is not included in the price

Climbing harness and crampons can be rented for a fee. Everything else should already be organized the day before.


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