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Whether you’re a beginner or advanced snowboarder, the resort of Obergurgl - Hochgurgl offers you the perfect slope. If you’d like to improve your skills then the Obergurgl Ski School is the right place to do so. After spending just a few hours with our top snowboard instructors in the group course you’ll be able to ride safely down the slopes.

You will have seen images of the beginner snowboarder, who travels just a few centimeters down the mountain and then falls over into the snow. We promise this will only be a brief experience for you if you decide to take a few professional lessons with the Obergurgl Ski School. This is because we have the teaching know-how, and can show you the right technique from the beginning when learning to snowboard in the Oetz Valley. 

Snowboard lessons in Obergurgl – Group or Private

Perhaps you’re looking forward to snowboarding in a group with other like-minded people? If that’s not for you, then you can always book a private lesson so that our instructor focuses completely on you. 

Children on a ski holiday in Obergurgl

Would your child like to learn to snowboard? Fun and safety are our top priorities and you can ensure your child is very well looked after in the lessons. If your child does not want to have a lesson, then we are happy to entertain them in our kindergarten so you too can enjoy some time on the mountain.

For further information please visit us at the Obergurgl Ski School. Also you can book your snowboard group course conveniently online.

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